LOSS Team of the Big Bend is
Grief Support for Those Bereaved by Suicide

“LOSS” stands for Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors

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Suicide Survivors

Bereaved suicide loss survivors have had a close friend or loved one die by suicide. Those left behind need help coping with the tragic aftermath of the suicide. Surviving a suicide loss is not something anyone can prepare for.

The bereaved survivor may experience a depth of feelings and shock that can lead to isolation, unhealthy coping strategies or a completed suicide.

Survivors need to know they are not alone. LOSS Team instills a sense of hope, empowering survivors so they can thrive and survive.

LOSS Team consists of trained suicide loss survivors and mental health professionals serving as volunteers who want to be a resource of hope to bereaved survivors.

We provide compassionate peer support to help survivors begin their healing journeys. We follow-up with them in the months ahead.

A two-person team is available to meet with you at your home or at a location convenient for you.

LOSS Team offers survivors help, healing and hope.

The LOSS Team Model.

The original LOSS Team active postvention model was launched in 1998 by Dr. Frank Campbell. His research demonstrated that it was taking survivors of suicide loss an average of 4.5 years before they reached out for help. During those years, many survivors suffered in silence and developed unhealthy coping skills. Having access to suicide grief support is critical. Since then, several LOSS Teams have launched throughout the country. To learn more about the LOSS Team model, click LOSS Team


LOSS Team offers a number of hopeTalk presentations for free or at a nominal cost that can be customized by length and audience.



Communities where everyone who is exposed to a suicide is provided access to supportive services immediately and then for as long as needed to decrease their risk of suicide, strengthen their mental health and help them cope with grief.

To prevent suicide through increased public awareness and education and by providing support, referral and a sense of hope to bereaved survivors of suicide loss.

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You are not alone.
We survived our loss and so can you.
With help comes hope!

(850) 888-LOSS (5677)

If you are in a crisis call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest Emergency Room